The Principles of How

Servant-Leader Associates Works with You


Servant-Leadership is the foundation of all services provided.  My preferred way of working is to be involved with a relatively small number of clients over an extended period of time working at multiple levels of the enterprise.

1.  My primary objective is to serve you and in so doing we both will grow as the act of serving is mutual.

2.  Although I may introduce you to a variety of models, tools and practices, I do not have any preconceived solutions to meet your needs and challenges.

  1. 3. As an external consultant I will have a different perspective than you,  neither better nor worse.

4.  I am a co-investigator/learner with you in your continuing journey of growth and development.

5.  My major responsibility is to help you develop your own capacity, individually and collectively, to serve and lead.

Some of the Services of

Servant-Leader Associates

Leadership Assessment and Sojourning  Using survey-feedback instruments supplemented by intensive personal interviews, a leadership profile is developed for the client executive.  Ongoing "coaching" services are available as needed.  People who are intellectually curious, spiritually seeking, socially committed and entrepreneurially motivated, value these “coaching” services most.

Leadership Retreats  Using case materials, experiential exercises, stories and poetry, the practical application and philosophy of servant-leadership are shared by a leadership group.

Organizational Assessment  Through a series of action/planning sessions, the mission of the organization is examined in terms of the underlying vision and spirit and in terms of how it is explicated in focused investments in key assets, programs, markets, channels and core competencies.  How the organization understands and measures its performance is also critically examined.

Community Listening Forums The customers, clients, and constituents of the organization are engaged in focused conversations about its current performance and its future potential in sessions ranging from one-half day to three days potentially including as many as 500 people.

If you are interested in further information about the work of Servant-Leader Associates please open this brochure (Servant-Leader Associates Brochure.pdf)

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